Adolescent Psychiatric Treatment

Shadow Mountain Behavioral Health System realizes that, like children, adolescents require specialized care in order to successfully recover and heal from mental health crises, emotional problems and behavioral health disorders. We offer a spectrum of programs that meet the needs of teens  Programs are specialized and are designed to successfully guide youth on their road to recovery.

Acute Program

Treatment priority is crisis stabilization for adolescents who are in danger of harming themselves and/or others or have a deteriorated level of functioning.

Autism Spectrum Disorder/ Neuro Residential Treatment Program

This mental health program provides safe, knowledgeable care to adolescents with autism spectrum disorders/neurological-based psychiatric disorders. Due to the broad range of forms in which autism can exist, treatment is largely individualized, but in general it emphasizes enhancing communication skills, decreasing challenging behaviors, increasing independence, teaching skills that reflect the normal rhythm of life and fostering community membership.

Delayed Functioning Residential Programs

These two programs provide knowledgeable, specialized treatment to adolescents with psychiatric disorders and developmental delays, including severe learning disabilities, borderline IQ and mental retardation. The programs provide treatment to adolescents with IQs of 80 and below. Treatment focuses on teaching social skills, independent living skills and academic skills. The treatment team tailors treatment to each adolescent’s specific strengths and weaknesses.  The ultimate goal is to help developmentally delayed adolescents safely and successfully reintegrate into their home communities.