About Our Behavioral Health Facility

Throughout development from birth to adulthood, children and teens can face struggles with emotions and behaviors, as well as with ways to respond to traumatic events.

At Shadow Mountain, we help troubled individuals who experience unhealthy feelings and behaviors that cause them, their families and those around them problems.

We offer a full scope of behavioral health care services to treat at risk children, teens, and adults including acute and residential treatment, an outpatient medication clinic and outpatient counseling center, therapeutic foster care and swift adoption services.

All Shadow Mountain treatment programs are built using evidence-based care. Our physicians, therapists and nurses work with you to determine your child’s individual treatment plan, work through the recommended program and decide the post-discharge care. We help families begin the process of healing and work diligently to help even the toughest cases experience success.

Our four behavioral health treatment facilities:

Shadow Mountain Hospital and Assessment Center

A 108-bed facility providing compassionate, inpatient and residential care to patients in crisis and in need of behavioral healthcare services. The 27-acre hospital campus includes classrooms, a gymnasium, playground, football field, dining room and multiple courtyards.

In 2014, we included provides acute inpatient and outpatient services for adults experiencing a mental health crisis or individuals struggling with managing a mental health condition such as depression, schizophrenia, or bipolar disorder.

Riverside Behavioral Health Center

This newly-renovated, 56-bed facility offers residential treatment and outpatient services for children and adolescents, as well as therapeutic foster care* and swift adoption services. Riverside’s campus features a spacious multimedia and training center, play therapy rooms, gymnasium and playground.


Located in Midtown Tulsa, HOPE provides a comfortable, home-style setting for a community-based residential program. The facility offers 12 beds, a day room, garden room, kitchen, classroom and computer lab, large yard and pool. Developmentally delayed adolescents learn safety skills and how to live cooperatively with their families and community.

Eagle Creek

Located on the scenic Illinois River, this peaceful, rustic, 20-bed residential facility offers treatment to adolescent boys in a unique wilderness setting and incorporates outdoor adventure into therapy. The environment engages adolescent boys and promotes healing.

* Therapeutic Foster Care has a satellite office in Oklahoma City to provide local support to the therapeutic foster care children and families.

Shadow Mountain is accredited and licensed by:

  • The Joint Commission
  • Oklahoma Department of Health (ODH)
  • Oklahoma Department of Human Services (DHS)