Outpatient Services

Psychiatry, Medication Clinic & Therapy

Shadow Mountain Behavioral Health System’s outpatient clinic is located at Riverside Behavioral Health Center, 1013 E. 66th Place, Tulsa, Oklahoma.  It offers both an outpatient medication clinic and counseling center for children and adolescents who do not require the intensive, secure environment of inpatient mental health treatment.

We now also offer an Attachment Clinic for children and adolescents, who may have experienced trauma and are having trouble attaching to a healthy, caring parent. Please call 918-293-2554 for more information.

  • Our outpatient mental health team works with families to help patients in their home environment and sustain recovery efforts to either prevent hospitalization or re-hospitalization.
  • With both outpatient teams located in the same clinic, the professionals helping your child can easily collaborate on treatment with each other and with parents.
  • Outpatient psychiatric patients receive full psychiatric evaluations.  The psychiatrist can coordinate with counselors and primary care physicians to help establish and maintain therapeutic levels of medications when these are necessary.
  • Outpatient treatment plans are individually tailored to each child, including the frequency of appointments.

Outpatient Office Hours

To give families more access to treatment, some weekend and evening hours are available.  If these would be helpful to you, please inquire when you schedule your appointment.

Contact Us to Make an Outpatient Appointment

Call direct to us at (918) 293-2500. For the Attachment Clinic, please call 918-293-2554.

Outpatient Services are able to accept payment through:

  • Most private insurances
  • Medicaid
  • Private funds

Outpatient Paperwork for All New Patients

Please print and complete the following form and bring with you to the first appointment.