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Treatment & Services

Behavioral Health Services

Shadow Mountain Behavioral Health System provides treatment for a wide variety of behavioral, emotional issues and psychiatric problems in youth ages 4 to 17 and adults 18 and over.

Our mental health programs all begin with secure and nurturing environments. Although our patients have different issues, there are core components to our programs that are consistent for all.

Every acute and residential patient receives a psychiatric evaluation; an individual treatment plan; individual, group, milieu and family therapy; discharge planning and therapeutic services.

Overview of Behavioral Health Services

  • Acute care for children and adolescents ages 4 to 17 and adults 18 and older
  • Residential care for children and adolescents
  • Gender-specific residential care for adolescents
  • Specialized residential care for adolescents with developmental disabilities and autism spectrum or pervasive developmental disabilities
  • Specialized residential treatment for children and adolescents with reactive attachment disorder

Help Is a Phone Call Away

We cannot offer a diagnosis, counseling or recommendations online. However, our professionals offer 24/7 assessments, without cost, at 800-821-6993 or 918-492-8200.