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Acute Inpatient

Acute Care

All acute care is located at Shadow Mountain Hospital and Assessment Center. Dealing with a crisis can be especially hard for anyone, especially those living with a serious mental illness or emotional disturbance. At Shadow Mountain, we’re here to help. We offer acute psychiatric inpatient treatment for individuals who are in danger of hurting themselves or others and have a history of treatment failure.

“The Three R’s of Acute Care” is an easy way to remember acute care’s role in recovery:

  • Regain Safety

If an individual is assessed as being in need of acute care, the patient requires intensive supervision and intervention to ensure his or her safety. Regaining safety is the primary goal of acute care. For this reason, acute care is usually short-term with transitions to care with less supervision once the individual is no longer in immediate risk of harming others or himself/herself.

  • Re-Entry Plan

While a patient’s safety is being established, plans for reintegration into family, school, work and community life are put in place with input from our team, the patient himself/herself and the family. Family participation in therapy is critical to both creating initial stability, as well as maintaining it after discharge. Making and following through on thoughtful re-entry plans reduces stress for everyone and increases the sustainability of recovery.

  • Resource Management

Successful pathways to recovery must realistically reflect family resources, whether the next step after acute care is residential treatment, transitioning back to outpatient providers or establishing outpatient care.

Help Is a Phone Call Away

We cannot offer a diagnosis, counseling or recommendations online. However, our professionals offer 24/7 assessments, without cost, at 800-821-6993 or 918-492-8200.